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Posted on: May 11th, 2012 by Julie Jalloul 4 Comments

Golden dawn (Chrysi Avgi) attacks 4 Egyptians

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 9.33.48 PM

photo: "6th of April movement in Greece" Facebook

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Eight supporters of Golden dawn (Chrysi Avgi) party have attacked 4 Egyptians in Athens in the urban area of Kallithea on Thursday, the Egyptian 6th of April movement in Greece reported on its offical facebook page.

The supporters of the  Neo-Nazi party, who wore black clothes, attacked the Egyptians with batons and chains while 3 of the 4 Egyptians were seriously injured.

The 6th of April movement in Greece, has from its part, warned the Egyptian Arab community about the anti-immigrant party. In a press release issued by the movement they demanded that Egyptians ” avoid staying out alone late at night or talking on cell phones in Arabic aloud while walking at night and avoid areas like Omonia, Akharnon, Kallithea where many of the immigrants live and many of the attacks have by the racist party have taken place.”

Meanwhile, the President of the Muslim Association of Greece Naim El Ghandour condemned the “clearly racist”  attacks noting the recent escalation of racism and discrimination against all immigrants in Greece “which never existed before”.

Golden Dawn, the extreme-right party, who seeks to dpeort illegal immigrantss, managed to enter the parliament after the 6th of May elections in Greece. Even though, according to all the opinion polls before the elections this was anticipated, they managed to gain an surprisingly almost 7% (6.97%) of the vote, while in the previous elections in 2009 they had received only 0.29% of the vote.

Greece is the main entry point by land for illegal immigrants in Europe, where, via the Greece-Turkey border, nine out of ten illegal immigrants enter the European Union, according to the UN.

4 Responses

  1. DIAS says:

    @ART Speak for yourself you racist scum. Greeks don’t want anyone like YOU with YOUR mentality or ANYTHING YOU have to offer. I speak for the TRUE Greeks. KKE/Syriza/November17th FOREVER. salam alaikum to our Egyptians Brothers and on behalf of my country I apologise for this unacceptable act of violence.

  2. George says:

    @Abu Ghazi

    Dear Sir I have to correct you. In the 1950′s President Nasser of Egypt expelled 100.000 Greeks and all westerners from Egypt as part of his nationalist plans. Today there are less than 3000 Greeks in Egypt. Unfortunately in many Muslim countries the non-Muslims are treated very differently.

    • John says:

      I speak from experience living in a range of Arab/Muslim countries and I can tell you that actually people live side by side and in peace here, no matter your race or religion.

      The only places where there is religious instability are places such as Afganistan and I do not think I need to explain why.

      I lived in Greece for over a year and never felt threatened or at risk or an attack of any kind. I lived and worked in Greece contributing to the economy positively, along side other nationalities. Actually the only ones who seemed to do nothing were the Greeks themselves, who were waiting for their dad to find them a job or a backdoor entrance to the public sector.

      Greece and Greeks are wonderful and it breaks my heart to see what is happening. Neo Nazi groups such as the scum from Golden Dawn will eventually die away. When a politician from such a group can attack a woman on public TV and get away with it, there is something seriously wrong.

      Once Greece accepts the fate it faces right now and pulls together to get out of it, then the Golden Dawn will become a distant nightmare for all.


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