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Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by AlYunaniya Staff No Comments

First “safe” estimate of elections 9:30 p.m.; Last day of campaigning

Samaras-Tsipras - source ND Flickr

photo: ND flickr

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The first “safe” estimate of the result of Sunday’s repeat general elections is expected to be released at around 9:30 on Sunday night (June 17), according to the IT firm Singular Logic, which has been has been in charge of the country’s elections data compilation, process and distribution since 1981.

During a briefing yesterday at the Interior Ministry, it was argued that the uniqueness of Sunday’s elections – in which citizens will vote for a party and not for specific candidates, since the party tickets comprise lists of candidates in order of preference – is that the candidates that are elected will be known as soon as the collective results are in, according to ANA.  

Due to the distinctiveness of the electoral system, they added, some seats will be ‘changing hands’ until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning of Monday, ANA added.

A total of 21 parties and coalitions and 58 independent candidates will be vying for seats in the 300-member parliament with 4,873 candidates.

Meanwhile, Greece enters its final day of campaigning before voters head to the polls on sunday with top party leaders taking full advantage of their last day. 
 Leaders of political parties are set to give last speeches trying to persuade the last undecided.

Electoral fever increases with great confrontation between ND-SYRIZA. Antonis Samaras leader of ND has accused Alexis Tsipras  leader of SYRIZA for “playing with Greece” while Alexis Tsipras accuses ND and PASOK  ”parties of the Memorandum of bankruptcy and the drachma that enlist  fear in Greek people to get votes. ”

Fears that Greece might default on its debts or even leave Europe’s currency union have deepened since May 6. No party won an outright majority on May 6 and coalition talks collapsed after 10 days, forcing the country into new elections on June 17.


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