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Posted on: September 17th, 2012 No Comments

Prophet Mohammad and Muslims’ silence

Yassmin Abbara
Yassmin Abbara

The recent uprisings today in the Μiddle Εast that were ignited as a result of the creation of the movie that displayed the Prophet Mohammad in an offensive manner have brought up a crucial question into many people’s minds. Why do Muslims around the globe rise up for a great historical and religious figure, but remain dormant and somehow blasé when it comes to real problems like the deaths of thousands of Muslims in Syria and Burma?

In Syria videos of Assad’s soldiers mocking the Quran and the prophet were released. Pictures of destroyed mosques, torn up Qurans and the corpses of tortured religious scholars were distributed. The Arab world said nothing. However, once a film portraying the prophet in an unrealistic offensive manner was produced by an American, the Muslims were outraged. Embassies were stormed, burnt and several Americans killed. The irony in these two scenarios is very clear: The Muslims are intolerant of Western criticism, but tolerant of Arab humiliation.

The Prophet Mohammad labored and suffered greatly in his life to ensure that Islam was protected by the right people. And the protection of Islam does not mean the protection of its only messenger, but of all messengers, including Moses, Jesus, Abraham and on. It also emphasizes that all those who are oppressed are to be protected. The prophet himself once said “Feed the hungry and visit a sick person, and free the captive, if he be unjustly confined. Assist any person oppressed, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.” Why is it that the Muslims aren’t protecting their oppressed fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria, or Burma? Why did they not revolt when Gaza was under siege and attacked profusely by Israel?

The prophet asked that his religion be protected; he never put himself above it. The Muslims today have embellished his position in Islam and belittled the most basic elements of Islam. They have tarnished Islam with their silence, and now damaged its peaceful and just teachings with their uprisings. Uprisings that should’ve taken place as a response to Assad’s torture. Maybe if we hadn’t kept silent over the murder of thousands, then the West wouldn’t have underestimated our power and possibly wouldn’t have released videos of the beloved prophet.


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