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Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by AlYunaniya Staff No Comments

Syriza: Europe can’t afford to let Greece out of the euro zone

Tsipras speech

photo: Syriza flickr

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Greek leader of radical left Syriza party, Alexis Tsipras, warned Tuesday that Europe could not afford to let Greece out of the euro zone, warning that the risk of financial contagion could spread across the bloc.

“The fire will be uncontrollable and will not be limited to Greece and the southern European countries, it will destory the eurozone and this is not in anyone’s interest,” Tsipras said.

However, speaking at a news conference just days before Greece’s national elections on June 17, that his party had an “emergency plan” to deal with Greece’s euro exit if negotiations with international creditors on the country’s debt deal collapse.

“We’ve examined every possibility,” Tsipras said,  adding that he was positive about the outcome of the negotiations. He insisted his party will not approach Greece’s foreign creditors “to pick a fight, but to convince them,” Kathimerini reported.

Tsipras renewed his objections to the country’s latest 130 billion euro ($164 billion) bailout and referring to Spain’s 100-billion-euro bailout for its banks, Tsipras said Madrid had done better negotiations than Grecee and secured the aid without tough terms.

Syriza, which emerged as a political force during May 6 elections, rejects the country’s bailout with its international creditors, meanwhile, its main opponent,  New Democracy party, has vowed to stick to the bailout terms which include  austerity measures that have plunged the economy into recession.

Tsipras also said that political leaders did not have the luxury of several days to form a coalition after the June 17 polls. “On June 18 Greece must have a government, not  June 19, not  June 20. It will either be a leftist government with Syriza as its core or it will be a pro-memorandum government with New Democracy as its core,” he said.


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