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Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Alima Naji No Comments

22.6% unemployment in Greece; 30% amongst foreign nationals

Workers - source World Bank

photo: World Bank

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In the 1st Quarter of 2012 the number of employed amounted to 3,837,950 persons while the number of unemployed amounted to 1,120,097. The unemployment rate was 22.6% compared with 20.7% in the previous quarter, and 15.9% in the corresponding quarter of 2011

The number of employed persons decreased by 2.4% compared with the previous quarter, and by 8.5% compared with the 1st Quarter of 2011. The number of unemployed persons increased by 9.2% compared with the previous quarter and by 57.3% compared with the 1st Quarter of 2011.

The unemployment rate for females (26,5%) is considerably higher than the unemployment rate for males (19.7%).

By observing the unemployment rate for different age groups, we notice that the highest unemployment rate is recorded among young people in the age group of 15-24 years (52.7%). For young females, the unemployment rate is 60.4%.

As regards the educational attainment level, the unemployment rate is higher among persons who have not attended school (34.3%), for those who did not completed primary education (33.1%) and those who have completed lower secondary education (25.2%). The lowest unemployment rates are observed among persons who have completed post- graduate studies or have doctorate (12.0%), and among those who have completed university (15.7%).

46.8% of those looking for job as employees are looking exclusively for a full time job, while 45.6% are looking for full time job, but, if needed, would accept to work part time. 7.5% are looking for a part time job or they do not care if they found a full or a part time job.

5.7% οf the unemployed persons did not accept a job offer, during the 1st Quarter of 2012, because of various reasons. The main reasons reported were: a) the location of the job was not suitable (30.0%), b) the wage was not satisfactory (24.6%), c) the working hours were not convenient (17.0%).

The percentage of the “new” unemployed, that is the percentage of persons who entered for the first time labour market, is 23.8%. We should note that the percentage of the “long term” unemployed, that is the percentage of persons that have been looking for a job for more than 1 year (irrespectively of being “new” or “old” unemployed), is 56.5%.

The unemployment rate is higher for persons of foreign nationality (30.5%) compared with those of Greek nationality (21.8%). On the contrary, the percentage of the economically active persons with foreign nationality is much higher than the corresponding percentage for persons of Greek nationality (71.7% compared to 51.7%).

The geographical areas (NUTS II regions) with the highest unemployment rate are West Macedonia (28.5%) and Central Macedonia (24.7%). The lowest unemployment rates are observed in South Aegean (13.9%) and Ionian Islands (15.9%).


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