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Posted on: April 24th, 2013 by AlYunaniya Staff No Comments

ANHRI denounces murder of protesters in Iraq

Iraq Camp Ashraf

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The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), strongly denounced the murder of several protesters in Kirkuk in the violent clashes that erupted between them and the Iraqi police forces on the background of the peaceful sit-in that began at the end of the last year to protest against the marginalization of the Sunni people by Nouri al-Maliki government.

Yesterday, April 23, 2013, the police forces attacked the square of the sit-in in Hawija near by Kirkuk that is about 170 KM from the capital, which resulted in several injuries and the number of the victims reached 20 from the protesters and three soldiers according to military sources, which led the Minister of Education to resign “Mohamed Tamem”, on the background of these regrettable events.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the Ministry of Defense announced a different story as it said that the police was attacked by armed protesters, when the police started to apply the law and land the riots combat forces as these forces found snipers gun, rocket-propelled grenades and others which led to the murder of 20 armed men and three officers which was denied by the protesters as they have assured that they have no weapons and they have assured that the sit-in was peaceful when they were attacked by the police forces yesterday.

The sit-in began on December 2012 and continued peacefully to protest against al-maliki sectarian policies in Iraq against the Sunni until the yesterday regretful events.

ANHRI said that “there was a hope after the end of the reign of the dictator “Saddam Hussinen”, that there will be a new era of democracy, respect the multiple culture, religions and races of Iraq but it is clear that Iraq still lies under the rule, which headed by al-malilki, that violate the basic human rights, citizenship and the total equality in duties and rights, instead of benefiting from these variations and drafting laws to control its deal with the state, it ensured the sectarianism among the people”.

ANHRI demands an immediate investigation in the event and bringing the involved persons to justice.



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