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Posted on: March 3rd, 2013 No Comments

Many rivers to cross

So, it seems that we have avoided (official) bankruptcy as a state. Hooray!

Apparently though, as George Orwell had once stated, the fact that statistical figures might be looking good (or improving, at least) does not guarantee happy citizens. On the contrary, Greeks are destitute.

To be quite honest, I am surprised by the fact that our society is still in one piece. I fear the day though, when it finally cracks. I sincerely doubt the current calm before the storm will be prolonged.

I have been using public transport for the last month and as always have kept my eyes and ears open. One tends to pick up the national mood when in a bus or the tube. Everyone is moody, bad-tempered and hopeless. Frustration is all over the place. The only topic on the agenda is ‘we’re finished’.

Historically, revolution takes place when people lose all hope. We’ve reached this point. No politician can offer the people hope anymore and besides that, the latest images from last week’s parliamentary debate and voting on whether a number of politicians should face justice on a number of wrongdoings have confirmed the fear that we are governed by irresponsible and corrupt political parties.

I say we look to other social powers to face the crisis. I believe that it is definitely a time for social revolution. It is a time for changing guard and starting all over again. A time for people from all walks of life to re-establish a democracy that cares for every citizen, a just society that provides for everyone and in which public goods and services are accessible to all.

As Einstein once remarked, doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result is a clear indication of schizophrenia! And unfortunately, that’s what Greek society has been doing the last few years.

As a nation we have many rivers to cross, but as our history shows, we always get there.


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