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Posted on: June 21st, 2012 2 Comments

Summer begins today

We officially welcome, receive and grasp summer today. With sunshine and joy setting the longest day of the month free. Free into the highest level possible surrounded with promises. It is the day where one can share Chesterton’s feelings of shredding “oneself away from the task of doing nothing in particular”.

Summer enjoys promises of outgoing, social, and most importantly a life of potential. Forces or pushes each one of us, not deliberately, but in a manner so smoothly as its soft warm air and so elegantly as a lady’s fan gesture.

Summer provides ensemble of creativity. You and I, same as Van Gogh have dreams of our world of caprice. But are we like him when he communicated: “I dream my paintings, and then I paint my dreams”? I would like to believe that we all are, and when we wake up in the morning shine of summer we own that will to paint our painting of our imagination of our world of utopia. To believe in our ability of achieving that ‘it’ we have searched for and at last hopefully found.

The capacity to create, which one dwells with in the affectionate summer of 2012, is truly and utterly, not just remarkable, but it is indeed an achievement in its whole. To enjoy the sun rise and later the day to go back to that same spot, permitting our eyes to observe and breathe in the view highlighted by that same sun, while she bids us farewell, promising to illuminate that next morning.

Our morphodynamic universe reassures us that routine in our life should not exist. That power, which we need not to deplore but to allow the magnification of the variety and diversity in us to grow is definitely presented in this year’s summer. It signifies the original twilight of the initial strives of conception, which we need not to be oblivious about but rather, to adhere to it.

Join me in painting our ideas for the future in today’s summer. Let us not ravel around the negative attitude of the many when stating what they think is a fact: “we need to be paused in our chairs until the financial crisis is over”. We require and shall be strong to be able to differentiate between those strong negative attitudes and bounce them off. For it is unless we are awake and conscious of it, it will otherwise cloth our unfortunate weak and naked thoughts.

I present an invitation to be sturdy, positive and optimistic for we need not to forget what our wise humans before us communicated that crisis brings opportunities and pressure gives birth to frosty diamonds. I mean this as a colossal principle. I understand what D.H. Lawrence spoke about in the previous century that “it is hard to hear a new voice, as hard as it is to listen to an unknown language. We just don’t listen”. Words spoken decades ago, yet crystal clear to this very summer!

You may very well think those writers of the past are distanced from us and hence, we know more since we have studied their history, philosophy and ideas and read their works. Perhaps few of us studied them carefully…but, to that I would like to borrow T.S. Eliot’s lexes when he heard a similar opinion long ago, he had answered: “precisely, and they are that which we know”.

Therefore, let us all understand the wisdom articulated before us and we shall mature to become that woman and that man we strive to attain no matter the circumstances and situation we are in.

Summer of 2012 removes any susurrus ideas camouflaging a bright future and equally welcomes our ears to listen to the only positive energy vibrating within us!


2 Responses

  1. Wolfiefish says:

    Wow, another brilliantly written article. It certainly got me thinking.

  2. Maryam Rezaei says:

    Dear Marwa, one must think twice to comment on your so colorful, imaginative, fulfilling, passionate yet so innocent articles! And I am sure besides a literature professor, we all “common people” need to read more than once to fully comprehend and to be able to follow you in the nirvana of your heart and thoughts… So thank you for sharing this “food for thought”!

    “I do dream my life and I do live my dream”!;)


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