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Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Arif Mansour No Comments

Four new opinion polls give ND the lead – Greek Sunday papers

Samaras-Tsipras - source ND Flickr

photo: ND flickr

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Four new polls were published in the Sunday press, in which ND appears to lead by 1.1 to 5.7 percentage points, while with the exception of the decline of the Communist Party’s power, nothing has changed in the ranking of the other parties. ‘Drasis/Re-Create Greece’ coop appears fighting for the 3% threshold.

In ALCO’s poll published in Proto Thema, ND gets 25.6%, SYRIZA 22.9%, PASOK 14%, Independent Greeks 6.4%, KKE 5.6%, Golden Dawn 4.6% and DIMAR 4.6%.

In a poll by Kapa Research published in Sunday’s To Vima newspaper, ND stands at 25.8% SYRIZA 20.1%, PASOK 13%, KKE 6.3%, Independent Greeks 5.4%, DIMAR 5.3% and Golden Dawn 5.2%.

In MARC’s poll published in Sunday’s ‘Ethnos’, ND gets 25.2%, SYRIZA 23.2%, PASOK 12.6%, Independent Greeks 6.6%, DIMAR 5.3%, KKE 4.5% and Golden Dawn 4.4%.

In MRB’s poll for Real News newspaper, ND leads with 23.3%, SYRIZA gets 22.2%, followed by PASOK 13.8%, Independent Greeks 7%, DIMAR 5.7%, KKE 5% and Golden Dawn 4%.

Finally, in a poll by VPRC for KONTRA TV channel, SYRIZA is leading with 28.5%, followed by ND 26%, PASOK 12.%, Independent Greeks 7%, DIMAR 7%, Golden Dawn 5.5%, Communist Party 5%.


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