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Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by AlYunaniya Staff No Comments

Greece: new elections in June; caretaker government to be formed

Presidential Mansion - source Hellenic Presidency

photo: Hellenic Presidency

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Political leaders failed to form a government yesterday, prolonging a political crisis that, according to foreign media, pushes the country closer to bankruptcy and exit from the euro. New election will be held in June.

A caretaker government to lead the country to new election polls will be appointed on Wednesday, according to the Presidency spokesman. “We’re heading to elections,” the spokesman told reporters.

PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos put the blame on “those who coldly put their narrow partisan interests above national interest.” “Greek people on May 6, told us that they do not want elections again, they want a coalition government,” said Venizelos. He added: “PASOK lost the elections on 6 May. This meant that could influence things less than before the election. But since the day after, we had a responsible attitude. We asked to undertake a common national endeavor. Unfortunately this was not accepted.”

Venizelos noted that PASOK adopted Democratic Left leader Kouvelis’ proposal for a national unity government for a 2-year duration with the participation of SYRIZA. “We believed that there was a basis for a consensus”, he said. “The country will find its way. We will struggle from a basis, which is unfavorable for PASOK. This will happen if Greek citizens make a right choice. Let’s move towards a better situation; for God’s sake let’s not do worse. ”

“Some people, in reality, are struggling to lead the country out of Europe,” ND leader Antonis Samaras stated, underlining that he agreed to have a government without the New Democracy party “as long as we remain in the Eurozone”. In his speech after the meeting of political leaders, Samaras mentioned the turning point at which our country finds itself. “The country is going through its most critical moments after the junta. Greece is isolated” he said, underlining that “the fate of our children” is being determined in the elections.

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras accused Samaras and Venizelos that they remain faithful to their commitments to Merkel and thereby made the formation of a government impossible. “Samaras and Venizelos, faithful to their signatures denied adopting our proposals and in substance posed a dilemma: Memorandum or elections” stated Tsipras. “They did not simply ask for our agreement but invited us to put our signature on measures of poverty and destitution. We resisted with all our strength and soul”, he stated and underlined that SYRIZA took the decision not to betray the hopes of the people. “The forces of yesterday which demolished society are looking for a second chance of survival, threaten and harass”, Tsipras said and added that they must be put into history’s limbo. “Now is the time to complete the great advance which took place on May 6th, to form a government of the Left, with enhanced strength”.

“My fellow Greeks, I did what I could,” said Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis to reporters after the meeting. “Some are leading the country to elections, based on partisan interests”.

According to media reports, the political leaders’ meeting was quite intense. Later on, ND cadres associated failure of talks with the ambition of Independent Greeks’ leader Panos Kammenos to take over the Premiership. Sources said there were strong words between PASOK and SYRIZA leaders.

Yesterday, a Hellenic Presidency announcement said that during yesterday’s meeting between President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias and Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos, the latter handed a series of scenarios to the President, amongst which demands were expressed in order Kammenos to participate in a national unity government.

Political leaders meet again Wednesday, 13.00 to discuss the formation of a caretaker government that will lead the country to elections.


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