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Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by Arif Mansour No Comments

Opinion polls show ND and SYRIZA in close race

ND leader Antonis Samaras - source ND Flickr

photo: ND Flickr

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In an opinion poll by DATA RC for Peloponnese newspaper ND leads with 28.4%, followed by SYRIZA 25.6%, PASOK 13.9%, Independent Greeks 7%, KKE 5.7%, Golden Dawn 5.4%, Democratic Left 6.2%, Ecologists Greens 0.9%, LAOS 1.2%, Re-Create Greece 2.8%.

An opinion poll by MRB for real.gr, ND leads with 23.9%, closely followed by SYRIZA 22.5% and PASOK 12.6%, Independent Greeks 6.2%, Democratic Left 5.7%, Golden Dawn 4.7% and KKE 4%. After the unclear vote and blanks are eliminated, ND gets 27.6%, SYRIZA 26%, PASOK 14.6%, Independent Greeks 7.1%, KKE 4.7%, Golden Dawn 5.4%, Democratic Left 6.6%, Re-Create Greece 3.3%.

According to MARC for Alpha Television, ND leads with 26%, followed by SYRIZA 24.3%, PASOK 12.5%, Independent Greeks 6.3%, Communist Party (KKE) 5.7%, Democratic Left 5.3%, Golden Dawn 4.2%, Recreate Greece 2.5% and Ecologists-Greens and LAOS 1% each. After the unclear vote and blanks are eliminated, ND gets 28.8% (127 seats), SYRIZA 27% (72 seats), PASOK 13.9% (37 seats), Independent Greeks 7% (19 seats), KKE 6.3% (17 seats), Democratic Left 5.9% (16 seats), and Golden Dawn 4.6% (12 seats).

The majority of the respondents (65.9%) want the renegotiation of the loan agreement, 21.7% want its termination and 8.9% say that the country should meet its commitments. In case the terms of the loan agreement are not changed in a satisfactory manner, 72.9 percent of the respondents say that Greece should stay in the Eurozone “at any cost”, while 19% say that the country should terminate the agreements and return to the drachma.

Another opinion poll carried out by ALCO for newsit.gr, ND leads with 25%, followed by SYRIZA 22.7, PASOK 12.5%, Independent Greeks 6.5%, Democratic Left 5.2%, KKE 5%, Golden Dawn 4.5%, Re-Create Greece 2.2%, Ecologists 1.4% and LAOS 1%. On the question of who is the best to seek amendments in the memorandum, ND leader Antonis Samaras and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras both receive 21%, but 30% answer “neither.”


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