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Posted on: September 24th, 2012 by Julie Jalloul No Comments

Pakistanis in Greece demonstrate against anti-Islamic film; Muslim Association claims no responsibility


photo: HRW

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The Muslim Association of Greece (MAG) today claimed in a statement they are not responsible for the demonstrations that took place in Omonia square on Sunday by Muslims over an anti-Islamic film “ The Innocence of Muslims”.

As worldwide protests over the anti-Islamic film are still taking place around the Middle East, a group of approximately 400 Muslim protesters staged by Pakistani groups , marched in Omonia square in Athens.

“Today there was a demonstration staged by Pakistani groups, and we the Muslim Association of Greece along with the entire Arab Community of Athens did not participate. The only way of reaction that we consider as appropriate for our country is a civilized discussion, and for that reason we called for a press conference on Friday where eminent figures participated in order to discuss in depth the true reasons of the release of such a film,” according to a statement by MAG.

The crowd of outraged Pakistanis chanted “We demand punishment for those mocking our Prophet Mohammed”.  After riot police used teargas to back them off, not allowing them to make reach the US Embassy in Athens the crowd dispersed and the protests ended. A few shops and vehicles were damaged.

“With great sorrow we saw the violent incidents and damages that do not honor anyone and we condemn them with great intensity. Violence does not lead anywhere,” MAG added in a statement.

“We also want to stress the fact that Greek Media did not refer to who staged this demonstration, they just referred vaguely that  to Muslims in Athens and this vague grouping creates wrong impressions for us.”


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