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Posted on: June 12th, 2012 by Julie Jalloul 4 Comments

Greece: Racist attack against Egyptians in Perama

Egyptian beaten up

photo: Mahmoud Abou hamed

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A new attack against immigrants living in a home in the industrial suburb of Perama, southwest of Piraeus took place at 3 AM in the morning Tuesday.

According to Mahmoud Abou hamed a resident of the area and responsible of the official page of the Egyptian community of Greece who took photos of the incident said 20 members of Golden Dawn including one woman attacked a house where five Egyptian fishermen lived, causing damage and injuring seriously one of them.

“They broke their cars and seconds later they entered the house and beat them using bats and other makeshift weapons catching them off guard. The four managed to escape but the one who was at that time at the roof sleeping did not have time to escape, and now he is hospitalized in serious condition. His situation is between life and death.”

The seriously injured Abu Zeid Mubarak Abu Zeid 24 years old has been transferred to Tzanio hospital but due to his serious health situation is soon expected to be transferred to Evangelismos.

According to police reports, 6 people have been arrested including a woman and are being questioned since early in the morning.

Egyptian Rabab Hassan told Alyunaniya, “This is the first time something like that happens. I’m sure the police won’t do anything to the six people they arrested. They just caught them for the eyes of the world. It seems like the situation has reached a point with no return. What else can we expect?”

Meanwhile the President of the Muslim Association of Greece Naim El Ghandour strongly condemned the racist acts and “holds all political parties accountable for giving living room to Golden Dawn to act in these racist ways and especially the Leader of New Democracy party Antonis Samaras, who should be especially sensitive to the issue since he comes from a family of Greek migrants who once lived in Egypt.”


4 Responses

  1. Vicky says:

    Whoever did this needs to be punished. Racism is inexcusable, and violence is something only an uncivilized person uses. Besides aren’t there Greek immigrants all over the world? I don’t understand why Golden Dawn isn’t illegal. We keep talking about democracy and freedom of expression, and how banning them would be like censorship. They have proved several times they are unworthy of living among others. They’re a threat to everybody, not just foreigners. As a Greek, I feel threatended too. Inexcusable…I hope the injured get better soon.

  2. George says:

    Violence against anyone should be condemned. The problem in Greece is there are too many illegal Muslim immigrants Greece cannot cope. The latest census puts the Greek population at 9.9 million Greeks. we are threatened by the Isalmic invasion. Greece cannot provide job and feed every illegal muslim immigrant. Dont forget the Islamic brotherhood in Egypt has alterior motives against non-Muslims. We Greeks must defend our religion and our faith. All illegal muslims should leave you came to Greece uninvited. Also many muslims have commiteed crimes against Greeks most recently the raping and bashing of a 15 year old Greek girl by a 21 year old Pakistani. Why dont you talk about that?

  3. John says:

    George, it seems you use the typical Greek style or argument to deflect blame away from the Greek society and focus on a completely unrelated story.

    Comments here are not about the whole of Greece, just such situations – however you decide to attack ‘muslim’ immigrants, rather than just immigrants in general.

    I lived in the UK with two Greeks – one was in put in prison for fraud and the other for drug offences. I guess that means ‘ALL’ Greeks must be the same as these two people.

    Greeks lie, steal, cheat, rape and murder like many others in this world – however you still seem to believe you are whiter than white. Time to look in a mirror


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